About Us
WIPACH Wine Estate
We are a rather small family-run boutique winery.

We believe in natural methods of processing the grapes. We are certain that the highest quality only goes hand in hand with a complete commitment. We aspire to our wines being natural and people-friendly.

The name WIPACH is an old Celtic name for Vipava. The word derives from two short celtic words, »WIP« (a valley) and »ACH« (a rock) meaning »Valley beneath the rocks«.

Wipach wines are made acoording to the method called bâtonnage (periodic lees stirring during the time the wine is being aged on its lees). Thus, through natural processes in wine, its cream-like texture and smooth,
intense flavour are highlighted. On the other hand, lactic-acid deacidification ensures the wine to be soft and agreeably buttery. No artificial flavours and colouring agents are used, which makes wine natural and safe. Almoust all our wines are aged in barrels, barriques, which brings out the fruity aroma and enriches the
colour of the wine. Being a small boutique winery we only bottle our wines.

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